Cincinnati Children’s teams up with Ryan Seacrest, Madcap Puppets to create kids’ video series

June 17, 2017by madcap

Melanie was nervous about being a patient at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

But after a behind-the-scenes exploration of the hospital with her Aunt Mel, she realized she had nothing to be afraid of.

Now, through a series of videos, Melanie will share that comfort with every patient who is admitted to the hospital.

Melanie is actually a puppet. She was created by Dylan Shelton, the artistic director for Madcap Puppets, who approached the hospital about producing videos using a puppet to help put children’s minds at ease.

“I know kids often have anxiety before a procedure or surgery; the hospital can be a scary place,” Shelton said. “But when they see a puppet go through something similar, it can calm them before going through whatever it is they have to go through. I’ve worked with Children’s for a number of years, but making videos like this is a first.”